Our Story

The story of Old School started in a Stellenbosch dorm room in 2019 when two brothers were in search of something they couldn’t find—the perfect vintage South African rugby jersey.

One social media post later, and Daneel & Stef had captured the interest of thousands of potential customers. The brothers quickly set to work, and the business "Old School Rugby Jerseys" was born.

In 2021, "Old School Rugby Jerseys" rebranded to Old School™, marking a turning point and an expanded vision for the brothers- building a world-class brand that embraces the timeless appeal of classic sports silhouettes, crafted for the sophisticated supporter and the modern gentleman.

Old School is more than a brand; it's a testament to the enduring legacy of quality and the timeless charm of doing things the way it used to be done.


Unite people with legendary, authentic products. As we grow, we create jobs, give back, and become a global brand that honors the timeless appeal of the past, serving as a vessel for His Kingdom.

Old School Bespoke™

Uniting people with legendary, custom-made products.

We've spent years perfecting our materials and fabrics, to ensure that we deliver the highest quality custom merchandise and exclusive corporate gifts, tailored to your needs. Design your dream product or choose from our existing in-store collection.